China Re Life Holds 2015 Work Conference

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  China Re Life held the 2015 work conference in Beijing on February 13. In line with the spirit of China Re’s work conference, this conference reviewed China Re Life’s achievements and experience in 2014, analyzed in depth the development environment, made clear the objectives and business guidelines for 2015, and devised plans for priority tasks. Some directors and supervisors of the company were present at the conference.

  General Manager Zhang Xiaohong delivered a report entitled “Grasp the New Normal, Achieve Leapfrogging, and Strive to Foster a New Environment in the Company’s Reform and Development”. As she noted in the report, China Re Life closely followed China Re’s guideline of “centering business operation on ROE” and proceeded from deepening reform and develop as required by China Re in 2014. It adhered to the principle of “pursing steady growth, preventing risks, and creating value”, promoted balanced business development, worked hard to reform systems and mechanisms, and kept improving its strengths in terms of “customers, technology, and operation”. In 2014, the company accomplished all tasks, consolidated its dominance in the core areas of business, enhanced its influence in the life insurance industry, made new breakthroughs in the sizes of premiums and assets, owner’s equity, and profitability, and sought progress while maintaining stability, marking a good beginning for its new 10-year development campaign. In 2015, China Re Life will focus on achieving “innovation-driven, sustained growth”, grasp the new changes in the domestic and international economic and financial landscapes, adapt to the New Normal of the insurance industry, seize the opportunities presented by the New Guidelines introduced by the State Council and the regulatory reform, continue to follow China Re’s strategy of “operating in a market-based, specialized, and international manner”, take innovation and development as the top priority, and strive to reach all business targets, so as to make outstanding contributes to China Re’s listing.

  In his speech, Chairman Wang Pingsheng recognized the achievements China Re Life made in 2014, and also set out detailed, precise, and practical requirements in many aspects, based on the macroeconomic and major policy changes and the central task for the development of China Re as a whole. First, China Re Life should adapt to the New Normal as soon as possible, find the correct direction of development, give attention to new business segments, and plan for long-term development in a scientific way, against the backdrop of the introduction of State Council’s New Guidelines, 13th Five-Year Plan, and China Risk Oriented Solvency System (C-ROSS). Second, China Re Life should continue to pursue innovation-driven development, focus on innovations in product development, channels, services, and mechanisms, and strive to improve service level and innovation capacity, preparing for the future and seeking better market performance. Third, in response to China Re’s specific requirement of “making substantive progress in operating globally”, China Re Life should intensify efforts to diversify operations, customers, and products in international markets, promote the cooperation and exchanges with international reinsurance companies, and keep improving technology to boost its core competitiveness in international markets.

  The conference also commended the outstanding individuals and teams in 2014.




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