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  1. Domestic Life and Health Reinsurance

  As the only domestic life and health reinsurer incorporated in the PRC, we have built up a leading position in domestic life and health reinsurance market, established and maintained good business relationships with 70 domestic ceding companies in the PRC. With in-depth understanding and insights into domestic life and health insurance market, coupled with the extensive local market data accumulated over the years, we have built up competitive advantages in underwriting and pricing.

  Our domestic life and health reinsurance business lines include: protection-type reinsurance, savings-type reinsurance and financial reinsurance.

  Our protection-type reinsurance business covers a wide range of reinsurance risks such as mortality, morbidity, surrender and catastrophe risks, provides risk management services to the government, companies and individuals, fulfils the functions of risk management and expertise transfer, and facilitates the healthy growth, transformation and upgrade of the PRC insurance industry. Our saving-type reinsurance business offers integrated solutions for our clients to manage their market risk and credit risk, helping life and health insurance companies perform their wealth management function. Our financial reinsurance business provides primary insurance companies with capital management tools, effectively eases their solvency pressures and supports the rapid development of the PRC life and the health insurance market.

  2. Overseas Life and Health Reinsurance

  Our overseas life and health reinsurance business comprises primarily of cross-border RMB reinsurance business, and a small amount of other overseas life and health reinsurance businesses.

  In addition to consolidating our leading position in domestic life and health reinsurance market, we continue to explore overseas business opportunities to achieve balanced growth in both domestic and overseas businesses. In light of the acceleration of RMB internationalisation and the increasing demand for RMB-denominated insurance policies, we pioneered the launching of cross-border RMB reinsurance business in Hong Kong in 2010. Over the years, we have established our dominant position in cross-border RMB reinsurance business in such markets as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Taiwan, expanding our sources of life and health reinsurance premium income.

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